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Here is a photo of me age five standing out side the
world famous Comedy Store in 1975 with my mother
and my father.

Here I am at age thirteen taking a nap with
When I had alone time with him it was special
and it was all about us.
Always the performer. This is a picture from my tenth
birthday. I remember this one well because it was my Fonzy
Hamburger party.

This picture was taking at the premier of UpTown Girls.
This is Dad and I at the American Comedy Awards where he was
being honored. ... I have never had my hair look that way again.
But, I must say my dad looks so handsome.
Here is Dad, Alan Arkin and myself on the set of Chicago
Hope. This was one of the highligths of my life because I
had a chance to work with my genius father.
This is me and my big sister Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor. She is my half sister but
I feel pretty whole around her. We were not always close growing up
due to circumstances we later found out were out of our control. In
2003 we found each other again and are relationship has grown.

This year we have decided to write a book together about being sisters
reunited, Black, Jewish and Richard Pryor's daughters. It's time our voices
were heard.

Here I am 1971 with my mother, my grandma
Bunny along with my Aunt Lorie at her Sweet 16.

This is me and Grandpa Herb at a Beverly Hills High School
football Game. I was on the drill team. I think my grandparents came
to almost all my games.
This is me with my beautiful sister Kelsey and my handsome brother Steven.
The magic of this moment was the beginning of the Pryor family being reunited. Many of us were kept apart for reasons that we never understood. Finding each other allowed for an even greater family bond.
It is important to me to know my brother's and sister's and for them to know me. We are our father's best legacy.
This is my brother Franklin. He lives in Ohio. He calls me almost every night except when he needs to be doing his HOME WORK!. I find he has many things in common with his father, especially his sense of humor.
I recently told dad that he better watch out, that there was another funny Pryor in the family.
Nora Dunn is like a sister to me. She is beautiful in every way.

This is my dearest friend Scotch with my dog Mahina when she was a puppy. Damn he is handsome!



This is me on the set of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas". I was a Shopper Who and yes, I had lines although some of them didn't make the film.

I had the most amazing time working with Ron Howard,. He really knows how to have fun on a set.

If you don't blink you may see me and hear my lines.

This is me with Gail Johanson my original Musical Director and friend. Gail has been a part of my solo show since it was at the Canon in Beverly Hills. ... Ain't she PHYNE!
And yes, she is single..

This is the crew from The Invisible Theatre in Tuscon AZ, along with my

ex husband Kevin who was a fabulous producer on my show.

The show played to sold out crowds.
The Invisible Theater under the artistic direction of Susan Claassen, were the first ever to use the drawings of myself done by Miss Penny Prince into the set by making them life size.

Me with my puppy Lightening. Notice I look like a demon possessed Poodle.
Here I am with Jill Garelick one of the producers of Fried Chicken and Latkes. Jill is now the associate producer on several reality TV shows.
I would like to guess that working with me and my reality prepared Jill for her wonderful job in reality TV.

She is Jewish and single.
This is a Scotsman playing a bag pipe. Wearing his clan colors. This town is rich in his history and pride.
This is me in front of Roslin Chapel. This was the pride and joy of my trip to Scotland. After reading the Di Vinci Code I had to go to Roslin. The place where maybe the Grail actually resided.
The history of the Freemasonry extends far back BC. There commitment to the Goddess and to science including Astronomy is worth just seeing this Chapel. It totally blew my mind..